lately we are replacing eps to hebel.
Polystyrene foam not recommended to the suburbs which has high fire & bushfire risks. hebel or loxo panels non combustible options

Ust Rendering Express provides skillful Stucco rendering service in Melbourne. Working with construction project experts and site managers Rendering Express can ensure that the projects are completed on time and budget. For more information about how you can benefit from our superior stucco rende...

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a year ago
Outstanding result I must say! Highly recommend
- unicornlicious 3
2 years ago
Great Piece of work they did with acrylic rendering! I am greatly impressed by their approach and their patience on ensuring a smooth surface was something marvellous. Full credit to the supervisor, who ensured the job is completed not only in time but without flaws. Thanks for the beauty!!
- Jack F
a year ago
Fast service with flawlless result! Thanks to Murat and his team
- Ahmet A

Improves your property

UST Rendering Express provide a top quality rendering services throughout Melbourne, including rendering repair, acrylic & cement rendering, polystyrene wall cladding. 'if you need stunning texture finish, acrylic or cement rendering, venetian plaster, stucco rendering in Melbourne?
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Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic rendering is regarded to be a unique render that is prepared from a mixture of plastic composites, and this is the reason why they have more strength and robustness than the traditional mixes. The render can be trowelled, sprayed or even rolled onto the surface of the walls, where usually two coats i.e. undercoat and top coats are applied for superior coverage.
If you are in the search of a durable and attractive finish that not only stands apart from the crowd but remains cost-effective then your search comes to an end with acrylic rendering. Meant for both interior and exterior walls, the render crafted from acrylic are a stronger, safer and flexible. If you want to decorate your home at minimum cost then you can do some acrylic rendering and through this process, you can apply some strong membrane along with some durable color on your walls. Apart from that, this rendering can provide you best longevity and you do not need to spend any additional amount for maintenance purpose. Moreover, these rendering can easily resist rust, rain water, and people can also use the same on their exterior walls.  
Guarantee: This means if the render forms cracks or breaks then our team will be there to mend the complications and that too without any extra charges.  

Advantages Of Acrylic Rendering

  • Flexible, strong and durable render with an amazing lifespan and these rendering services can also provide you limited warranty on their work. These acrylic renderings have high resistant power against a formation of cracks and it has a unique structural bond.
  • Ease of application as it can be sprayed, rolled or trowelled and the whole process are done by experienced professionals and they can apply some glossy finishes on your exterior and interior walls with this acrylic rendering process.
  • Low maintenance and you can save lot of amount by doing this rendering on your exterior walls.
  • An attractive appeal that gives a boost to the value of your home and you will get great value for your home if you resell it in future.

    Rendering Express with 15 plus Years Expertise in Residential and Commercial Cement Rendering.
    We Cover All Types Of Render And Services All Areas Around Melbourne.

    Specialising in – Traditional Sand & Cement Rendering – Acrylic Render – Texture – Sand Finish – Stucco – Rough Cast – Concrete look – Bagging – Venetian – Marmorino – Velvet finish – Granosite – Lime stone – Polystyrene Cladding – Blue Board Cladding – Moulding Installation – Dodo – Scagliola- Rustic – pebble dash finish.

    Fully Licensed And All Work Is Guaranteed.

    Texture coating
    Trowel on smooth finish : fine, medium, sand, coarse, scratch and Tuscan style finishes
    Masking, taping, and cover
    Applying Texture on base coated render
    Floating up smooth finishes
    Acratex Texture Paint Trowel on Can be chosen from Dulux, Unitex, Wattyl, Mac, JPS)
    We can supply scaffolding if need it
    Roll on: membrane protective coating or refreshing render
    Supply & apply Roll on Texture (Weathershield, Acrashield, Membrane)
    Masking, taping, and cover
    We can supply scaffolding if need it
    Applying on top of smooth finished rendered or textured walls

    Acrylic Rendering
    angle beads for corner and edges
    Tape up, masking, cover
    supply and apply 2 coat of acrylic render
    Smoothing render polystyrene floating,
    Making ready for texture paint
    Acrylic Render Work : suitable for many surfaces such as Bricks , Concrete walls, Blue board, Hebel panel, Polystyrene foam, Painted brick walls, Old bagged walls

    Cement Rendering
    Cement Rendering is a big category in external and internal rendering. all type of render are cement based render ( cementitious render)
    Good for levelling up the walls and base coating suitable for rough uneven walls

    Old school Cement Rendering
    Classic style Rendering suitable for rough walls
    Sand & Cement and lime mix
    Putting profiles for corners (no angel beats)
    Putting string lines to the wall and mark points
    Filling up prepared wall with cement render
    Applying second coat smooth finish
    Applying final texture colour

    Stucco and Rough Cast Render
    Stucco Rendering is splash finish (throw on
    its also called pebble, dash finish has desired size crash rocks in mix
    after the protection and covering
    we throw the mix with, trowel, brush, or tool with air compressor depending the working area and sizes

    Decorative Finishes and Solid Plastering
    Decorative Finishes and Solid Plastering
    Preparing the wall removing any excess dust and dirt from the wall. …
    setting points or installing a profiles
    Apply the mortar to the wall (between the points). …
    Screeding the wall. & Checking the plaster is level. …
    We don’t provide a white set top coat service..
    Instead of white set top coating, we provide Concrete look render work
    Concrete look render finishes: polished render : Venetian plaster, Dodo, Rustic, Glass face, patch & anchor, fairing coat render,

    Lightweight Cladding and Render
    Polesteryne Work : We ll make sure insulation paper already been installed. then we will supply and Install the foam panels, angle beads , fiberglass mesh (we will supply screws and washes with foam panels)
    Masking, taping, and cover
    Apply acrylic patch for base coat
    Apply acrylic render and floating up
    Apply trowel on texture finish (Final coat)

    Exterior Painting
    We provide top quality External painting
    Guttering, eaves, weatherboards, exterior panels, and walls

    Rendering Repairs
    We will be cutting the cracks with an angle grinder, cleaning all the drummy parts from the wall then we will be filling with cement render patch or acra patch depending the existing wall
    Why Does Render Crack On Walls?
    Cracks appear in rendered walls of buildings because the ground actually moves, and the building actually moves, and with time and the wet/dry/wet/dry annual seasonal patterns, the ground swells-and-shrinks and the building settles somewhat unpredictably over the decades. The rendered walls don’t stretch, not worth-a-hoot. When the building moves, then one part of the foundation goes a bit up, down or sideways relative to another part, and then the render cracks Render crack repair is often done with various caulks or cement, and usually the crack opens up again. There are two reasons: The cement patch can’t stretch, and or the caulk did not stick. These have underlying them one common denominator: the building is still moving. Patching the crack did nothing to stabilize the foundation, or change the seasonal swelling-and-shrinkage of the ground. The crack is going to continue to open-and-close, and usually widens, on-the-average, as time goes by.
    Furthermore, the crack movement usually exceeds the elastic limits of whatever-was-used to fill the crack, even if it was not cement.
    That’s way Rendering Express here to help you all the time when you need it.
    We can maintain your rendered walls with reasonable prices.
    By using the best products, materials, and equipment the talented team at Rendering Express can refresh the appearance and quality of your properties exterior. Whether you are after cement, plaster, acrylic, or polystyrene rendering work our team of passionate and professional renderer will work closely with you to transform your house into a home. To learn more about our unmatched and competitively priced texture rendering services Melbourne residents from throughout the city are encouraged to contact us directly on 0413 425 148.

for more info visit www.renderingexpress.com.au

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